Discover the endless range of applications

Hetronic radio remote control systems are suitable for applications in all industrial markets that work with relays, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment that have to be controlled remotely. Our professional systems offer a large degree of safety when controlling a wide variety of processes and systems. Thanks to our many years of experience in all imaginable sectors, we would love to advise you in selecting or designing a solution that gives you safer and more efficient control over your process or system.


Around 35 years of experience in applications for process control

Hetronic is world market leader in designing, developing and supplying professional radio remote control systems for safely and accurately controlling processes and systems that require the use of various different types of equipment. Our experience in industry translates into more than 400,000 systems that are now used worldwide for a wide array of applications. As pioneer in the field of industrial radio remote controls systems, we invest a great deal in innovative, reliable control systems that provide you with a high degree of safety in remotely controlling processes and making your operations more efficient.


The applications of our systems

Hetronic has supplied clients in every market and industry with professional radio remote control systems. Select the sector your company operates in and discover how Hetronic will help you to find the right professional control system so you increase the safety, efficiency and precision of your remote controlled processes.


Radio remote control solutions for safety and efficiency in construction work.


Safe, precise and efficient control systems for fixed and mobile cranes and hoists.

Concrete pumps

Radio remote control solutions with rapid response times and precision for controlling concrete pumps and mixers and the like.


With drilling work, safety and a high degree of precision are extremely important; Hetronic radio remote controls provide you with the solution you need.

Forestry, agriculture and horticulture

For applications in forestry, agriculture and horticulture, Hetronic supplies solutions for radio remote controls for a wide variety of equipment.


Control, better visibility, safety and unparalleled reliability: our operating systems provide a complete package.


Hetronic radio remote control systems give you complete confidence. Suitable for the toughest conditions.

Material processing

Safety and precision are inextricably linked to moving materials around. Hetronic makes light work of every job.


Mining demands the utmost of your equipment, with strict safety requirements. Durable, precise and safe, Hetronic control systems give you the confidence you seek.

Mobile hydraulic

Hetronic has a solution for every mobile hydraulic application. Not just standard transmitters and receivers, but also custom units if you require it.

Oil & gas

Oil and gas platforms require safety in settings subject to the risk of explosion. Hetronic supplies you the safest ATEX control solutions.

Towing and breakdown trucks

Precision, sturdy control solutions for towing and breakdown trucks with hydraulic systems.

Custom jobs

Hetronic supplies standard control solutions, but also specializes in custom jobs geared to your specific application.

Settings at risk of explosion

Hetronic supplies systems that are ATEX, IECEx, UL/CSA, InMetro and PESO certified.


Industrial process control applications in explosion-sensitive environments, also called EX environments.