Hetronic: your partner for all your radio remote control applications.

Hetronic supplies industrial radio remote control systems for operating any application: from a simple hoist to a complex winch, or from a robot to a shunter vehicle.

Hetronic is the world’s market leader in the field of industrial radio remote controls.

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Wide range of transmitters and receivers
We supply a wide range of standard models of radiographic transmitters and receivers that are perfectly suited to the market's application requirements.
Bespoke radio remote control systems
As a Hetronic assembly partner, we specialise in designing and building radio remote control systems to your own specifications.
Fast delivery times
The standard transmitters and receivers are supplied from stock, but custom parts and systems have short lead times.
Worldwide support network
With over 45 branches worldwide, you are assured of fast and expert service, so you keep any downtime of your system to a minimum.
Installation and testing by our own technicians
Our experienced technicians design, configure, repair, test, adjust and commission all Hetronic products.
Knowledge of the market
Our experience and many years of cooperating with clients across many sectors means we are always able to offer a bespoke solution.

Radio remote control transmitters

Hetronic radio remote control transmitters are suitable for every industrial application. Our range of transmitters runs from very complete standard systems to bespoke solutions that perfectly reflect your specific wishes and requirements.


Radio remote control receivers

Fully programmable receivers for a perfect synchronization without transmitters. Hetronic has a suitable receiver for every application that, together with the transmitters, ensure you enjoy optimal control over your machine.



Hetronic transmitters and receivers are used in many different sectors. The applications of our wireless radio control for electronic and hydraulic machines include mining, railways and equipment in forestry, agriculture and the maritime branch.

All applications


Our web shop features a wide array of parts for your radio remote control system. This includes various battery chargers, batteries, antennas, decoders, carrying case, joysticks and switches for the various types of transmitters and receivers.


As a licensed assembling partner of Hetronic International, we carry out repairs and maintenance at our Service Center of all Hetronic radio remote control systems. But we also offer you a wide range of original Hetronic parts and spares, often directly from stock.

About Hetronic BV

Hetronic is worldwide market leader in the area of radio remote controls for industrial applications. At Hetronic you are assured of worldwide coverage for delivery and installation and maintenance of your radio remote control transmitters and receivers.