Application: drilling

If your organisation’s operations include auguring, drilling and excavation activities, and you require high precision, safety and superior performance, then the Hetronic radio remote control systems will meet your most stringent requirements. Our radio remote controls provide the driver with maximum functionality for greater safety and efficiency. If you have to move heavy machines, then Hetronic radio remote control systems give you the reliability and efficiency performance you long for.


Contact Hetronic for reliable, sturdy remote control for your auguring applications and chat to an expert about our GL and Nova transmitter systems. We will fully configure this so it meets your operational requirements.

Tunnel boring machine

Tunnel boring naturally requires great precision and accuracy, but also a sturdy and reliable radio remote control to do the job properly. Hetronic has the ideal radio remote control for your tunnelling applications: NOVA NG with video feedback, GR/EURO, GL and GL-3.

Horizontal directional drilling

The requirements for directional drilling and the control of trenches are diverse, from limited control (on, off, up, down and STOP) to a multifunctional, more precise control. Hetronic understands your company and with its NOVA and MINI transmitters, supplies the perfect solution.

Find out more? Then contact our experts. They would be delighted to help you find just the right radio remote control system for your organisation.

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