About Hetronic Nederland

Hetronic Nederland B.V. is located in Weesp (NL) and is licence holder and Assembling Partner of Hetronic International in Oklahoma (USA). Hetronic’s mission is to design and produce safe and reliable radio remote control systems for and with clients in many different industries. In this way, we aim to ensure your machine and operating processes are controlled more safely, efficiently and economically.

We specialise in designing, constructing and maintaining of industrial radio remote control systems, so that your operations become and remain safer. To realise this, we have a wide array of standard systems, bespoke solutions and spare-part components and an expert team of engineers. We also export Hetronic control systems, radio remote transmitters and receivers, client specials (custom jobs), ATEX systems and Hetronic parts and spares to various countries.

Official importer of radio remote control systems

From the end of the 80s, Hetronic in Weesp has been the official importer of standard custom-built Hetronic radio remote control systems. From day one, we have aimed at ensuring our clients operate more successfully. By providing the right solution, applying short delivery times and coming up with innovative service concepts, we have become the leading partner for our clients.
Hetronic BV is certified as per the ISO9001:2015 norm. More information about our quality policy and certificate can be found here.

Hetronic International

Hetronic is a pioneer in the field of industrial radio remote controls and is worldwide market leader. The power of Hetronic is its strong parent company Methode Electronics and worldwide coverage with offices in over 45 countries on all continents. On all these continents, you are assured of a team of technicians that supports you in many areas.

Hetronic, your partner for all your radio remote controls:

✔ In-house technicians. Our employees are skilled in designing, configuring, repairing, testing, adjusting and commissioning all Hetronic products.

✔ Fast delivery times. All common parts are delivered straight from stock and special parts and system are delivered with short lead-times.

✔ Wide range of standard systems. Our wide range of standard models is perfectly geared to various applications in the market.

✔ Custom-made systems. As Hetronic Licensed Assembly partner, we are specialised in designing and building a system in line with your wishes.

✔ Worldwide support network. With offices in over 45 countries, you are guaranteed with fast and expert service anywhere on earth. This means we keep your downtime to a minimum.