Repairs and support

Every Hetronic control system is put together with the greatest possible care. We make each radio remote unit is custom made based on the wishes and requirements of our clients. However, sometimes intensive use leads to a repair or maintenance. And Hetronic is of course the place to be for that too.

We are Licensed Assembling Partner of Hetronic International. In our Service Center in Weesp (in the Netherlands), we carry out all repairs on Hetronic radio remote controls. If inspection we assess that the system is outdated and/or repair is no longer viable or possible, then we discuss this with you and together look for the best solution.

Hetronic’s bespoke repair service

We provide you with a bespoke repair service. Select the method of repair that fits you best, depending on how long you can miss your Hetronic system and whether or not you possess a reserve Hetronic control system. You just send us your radio remote control system, or pop in to our Service Center or have us carry out a repair on-site.

1. Just send it to us, fast and easy

Just send your radio remote control system and we’ll return your system repaired. Of course, if the repair is not covered by the warranty, we’ll first send you an estimate. Download the returns form and attach this to your repair request of your Hetronic.

2. Pop in, and we’ll fix it while you wait

Come along with your Hetronic control system for an appointment in Weesp.

3. At your location or on-site at your client’s

We carry out repairs at your location or on-site at your client’s. While you’re working, we will ensure you soon have a fully functioning radio remote control system again.

Hetronic b.v.
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From the Netherlands: +31 (0)294 239 870

From Belgium: +32 (0)38 081 962
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Repairs on-site

If your company is located in the Netherlands or Belgium, then we can repair your Hetronic radio remote control system on-site. Of course we do all this in consultation, and find a solution to your problem together with you. Maybe your company has changed and a different Hetronic system would be a better solution.

We will naturally supply a replacement system is necessary, so that your operations do not have to be stopped.

Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance prevents irregularities and extends the reliability and lifespan of your radio remote control system. In some branches and companies, preventive maintenance is even obligatory. We’d be delighted to carry out this maintenance for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of your Hetronic system for as long as possible.