Applications: railways

Hetronic has been supplying its clients with the perfect radio remote control solutions for their industrial applications for over 32 years already. Some 15 years ago, we expanded our expertise in the field of radio remote controls to the market for locomotives and railways controls. We took on the challenge to understand the working conditions of our clients, including their requirement for the highest levels of safety and efficiency and greater productivity.

The expert technical staff at Hetronic are dedicated to supplying the latest technology and innovative solutions for railway works. Our radio remote controls provide rail professionals with operating solutions that guarantee full control, a better view, precision work, reliability and malfunction-free performance. Hetronic offers a complete series of solutions, such as the Remote Locomotive Control system (RLC) for the hydraulic, pneumatic and speed control of locomotives. We also supply operating systems with video feedback and push-button controls for loading ballast. Our systems are used all over the world for applications in Class I, Class II and Yard.

Class I

To meet the needs of our Class I clients, Hetronic supplies an RLC operating system that integrates our MU controller with hydraulic and pneumatic functions and custom-made radio remote controls. With both wearable and cabled options and a wide range of optional functions, including man-down, diagnostics and speed control, our Class I system is designed as per the AAR guidelines and complies with the FAR guidelines. The Hetronic RLC controls pretty much every movement you will make with your locomotive, while you stay in a safe position.

Class II (short distance)

Hetronic NOVA XL or NOVA 1 transmitter and receiver systems provide flexibility in the controls, increases the safety of the driver and offers robust efficiency and productivity for short-distance rails. Our new NOVA with video feedback provides extensive safe functioning over the entire length of the train.

Yard/industrial rails

Hetronic locomotive and railway remote control systems are designed for the specific applications of our clients. We supply a complete line of multifunctional controls for operating machines, from belly packs to hand-helds. And for the heavier jobs, Hetronic has the solution to meet your requirements: from safe controls and moving rail-cars, unloading of ballast wagons and executing rail maintenance, to operating cranes, man-lifts and mining and steel-wagon MUs. Contact our technical experts for railways to discuss your specific requirements.