Application: mining

Mining and tunnelling equipment, and the environment these are used in, represent one of the most demanding working conditions in the world. The Hetronic technicians understand the potential dangers and problems related to the use of radio remote controls above or below ground. Conditions like strong vibrations, G-forces, temperature variations, dust and potential explosive conditions create a setting in which radio remote controls must be safe, completely reliable, sturdy and efficient.

A unique Hetronic system for your specific wishes

Hetronic radio remote control systems are designed with the operator in mind: they are easy to use, reduce fatigue and offer intuitive operation, including digital or proportional joysticks, paddle handles, switches, buttons and even LCD or TFT displays for real-time system and data feedback. We will configure each Hetronic system to your specific wishes.

The highest degree of safety for people and equipment

Our EX-certified belly-pack and shoulder-strap transmitters offer the highest degree of safety and control flexibility for shutters, drills, bulkhead machines, lifts, graders and mineworkers. Hetronic believes in continual innovation and has introduced a colour video-feedback system with a 4.3″ TFT colour display and a modified GUI to deliver the necessary information and expand the safe zone around your equipment.

Questions about our applications for the mining sector?

Hetronic has been manufacturing radio remote controls with a high degree of expertise in mining and tunnelling for over 32 years already. Contact a Hetronic technical expert for help in selecting the ideal remote control product for your application. An overview of all applications can be found here.