Application: mobile hydraulics

The process control of mobile hydraulic applications can entail challenges for the radio remote controls. A wide array of equipment relies on the efficiency of Hetronic radio remote controls: from breakdown trucks, tow trucks, telescopic handlers and boom lifts to pump equipment, vacuum trucks, mixers and cleaning vehicles. Our transmitters and receivers are perfectly geared to each other by our engineers to meet your specific requirements for operational safety and performance.

A custom-made remote control system

Hetronic has integrated tens of thousands of remote control systems in mobile hydraulic applications all over the world. Each system can be custom designed and configured, but we also provide standard off-the-shelf systems to meet almost any wish a client may have. Hetronic responds to the challenges of the constantly changing needs of our clients with the new high-performance H-Touch: a multifunctional control platform on board your vehicles that we can modify to operate accessories and manage operational information. Our new NOVA XXL with video feedback creates a wider safety zone via real-time video of the job site. Each Hetronic remote control system is designed to provide safe, reliable, real-time control so you complete every job successfully.

Advice from our technical experts

Contact a Hetronic technical expert to discuss your specific application and design the perfect remote control.

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