Application: forestry, agriculture and horticulture



Hetronic leads the pack in the implementation of Human-Machine-Interface radio remote controls (RRC) in the forestry sector. The advanced remote controls help to ensure higher productivity and create safer working conditions in this sector. Hetronic systems for operating a wide array of equipment, including wood shredders, log loaders, wood splitters, mulcher machines and chippers, ensure higher efficiency for the operator. This helps you to cut the costs of your organisation.

Our sturdy and reliable transmitters enable operators to manage complex functions with the help of user-friendly control elements. The remote controls with multi-axis joysticks and paddle handles provide the operator of the equipment with more options. The new Hetronic video-feedback systems offer the operator the option of maintaining good visibility up to a 100-metre distance on the functioning of the equipment. A remote control system offers you the ultimate safety, greater efficiency and productivity.

Agriculture and horticulture

Hetronic radio remote control solutions offer the latest user-interface technology. They ensure improved efficiency and lasting reliability when deployment agricultural applications. Our RRC operating equipment ensures an increased output and better safety of machines, such as harvester and threshing machines, glazing machines, sprayers, balers, grain-processing machines, lifter harvesters and feed dosing machines.

Our transmitters provide operators of agricultural machines the option of freely moving at a safe distance (up to 100 metres) from the system being controlled. User-friendly control elements with a wide range of options help you to manoeuvre the equipment into the optimal position. Our innovative video-feedback system provides not only a larger safe zone for the operator, but also ensures accurate control of the positioning of the machine. Operators can position the machine more easily, so that it remains upright and moves forward at the correct speed.

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