Application: shipping / offshore

Maritime offshore environments, from ports to open oceans, hide a number of the most difficult conditions in which a radio remote controls must operate without error. Hetronic is a vital supplier for the professionals who work in this environment: we understand the need for the highest levels of safety, reliability and performance. A remote control that fails under these conditions is simply not an option.

Remote controls for equipment on board ships

Hetronic remote controls are used to operate a wide array of hydraulic and electrical equipment on board ships, in port operations, dockside and on the open sea. From cranes, hoists, cable drums and winches to drilling rigs, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and dredgers: Hetronic supplies the ideal remote control for every condition. Each Hetronic remote control is designed and built to withstand extreme temperature variations, rain, wet snow and salt water without failing. When a maritime application requires an explosion-proof (EX) solution, Hetronic provides a safe, EX-certified remote control that works faultlessly in areas at risk of explosion from both dust and gas.

New innovations for on board your ship and for offshore

Hetronic supplies a broad range of solutions that you can configure based on your own specific control requirements, from belly packs and protected remote controls to wireless hand-held remote controls. New innovations in the area of radio-frequency management have been introduced to reduce interference dockside or on board. Our recently introduced video-feedback remote controls ensure a better view around the workplace. When reliability, efficiency and productivity are needed, Hetronic Radio Remote Control Systems will meet all your application requirements.

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