Application: oil and gas

Oil and gas exploration platforms, both at sea and on land, pose unique challenges to both your operational personnel and Hetronic. Our experience in listening to client needs and understanding these challenges, means we are able to supply you with the most responsive radio remote control systems. We understand that the safe and efficient use of large equipment in tight spaces and hazardous settings has to be our first consideration in the design process. Where a remote control is needed for executing tasks like crane and hoist work, remote control of pumps, winches and the precise manoeuvring of a turntable, Hetronic is your technical expert.

Accurate transmission and reception with Hetronic control systems

Oil and gas service companies rely on real-time data to achieve their objectives within the agreed time scale and to generate profit. Our innovations in radio remote control systems ensure accurate and real-time transmission and reception of data on the operating console. Regardless of the certification requirements that the system must comply with, Hetronic will meet them (ATEX, IECEx, InMetro, UL/CSA, PESO, KOSHA and many more). Safety first if especially relevant in these conditions, for both the transmitter and the receiver.

A custom-made control system

When you’re looking for higher productivity and efficiency with the highest level of safety in hazardous conditions, we will create modified, explosion-proof transmitters and receivers to meet your needs. Our innovation and technological developments, such as sensor technology, video feedback and custom GUI, provide your personnel with command and control of virtually any machine system from a safe location.

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