Application: breakdown trucks and tow trucks

Breakdown trucks and tow trucks that are specially designed and fitted with hydraulic equipment, make use of innovative Hetronic solutions for radio remote controls to improve their performance and efficiency. With new innovations in the field of user-friendly, sturdy transmitters, Hetronic provides operators with full control over all equipment on the truck. From our sturdy hand-held transmitters to the new H-Touch – a sturdy multi-touch device with LCD display that provides operators with accurate control at the touch of a finger. Obviously your existing breakdown truck or tow truck can be retrofitted with a Hetronic system.

Precise control over all equipment

Hetronic transmitters provide operators with real-time control over a wide array of specially designed, truck-mounted cranes, hoists, winches and transport-container mounts. Our radio remote controls give the operator the freedom to position himself for maximum safety and accuracy in every operation.

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