Application: construction

Hetronic has been supplying tried and tested radio remote controls for construction machines for some 35 years already. Worldwide there are some 350,000 radio remote controls in use that provide construction workers with the safety, reliability and productivity they rely on in their daily tasks.

Whether you work with concrete pumps, stone crushers, rock presses, excavators, boom lifts, telescopic handlers or any type of construction crane, our extensive insight into the challenges construction applications involve makes our technical teams experts in the field of radio-frequency technology and relays, hydraulic and pneumatic integration with the Hetronic systems. Hetronic Radio Remote transmitters (TX) and receivers (RX) are able to control and operate any type of construction equipment.


The range of radio remote controls for the construction sector

Hetronic wireless remote control transmitters and receivers are designed, tested and configured to satisfy your wishes and at the same time increase the safety and efficiency of your personnel. There is a wide array of radio remote controls available, such as belly packs, transmitters that can be operated one-handed, ‘pistol grip’ remotes, shoulder-strap remote controls, truck-mounted devices and modified EX systems. Our aim is to provide radio remote controls that are geared to your specific requirements, so that you make light work of every job. Every single time.

Let us advise you on the right solution

Contact a Hetronic technical expert to discuss your needs in the area of construction machines and create your ideal radio remote control system. For a complete overview of the possibilities, check out the pages Transmitters and Receivers. Transmitters and Receivers.