Application: bespoke jobs

Hetronic is the leading supplier of professional radio remote controls for industrial process-control applications. Since 1982, Hetronic has supplied more than 350,000 synchronized transmitter-receiver systems that that meet the specifications of our clients and our own standards of excellence. Our Dutch engineering team (located in Weesp in the Netherlands) specialises in the integration of radiographic, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic control systems for client-specific solutions.

Custom-made systems for every application

Hetronic supplies custom-made solutions for pretty much every process-control application in any sector. Our process is unique: we take the time to learn about a client’s company in depth so we fully understand their needs. Once we grasp what their requirements are, we solve their problems by creating innovative, reliable and cost-effective control systems and then ensuring delivering within a reasonable time schedule. Whether it’s specially configuring a standard product, designing a completely bespoke system, replacing an existing system, or developing a fully integrated solution, Hetronic is always ready to take on the challenge together with you.

Examples of our experience in the area of bespoke solutions

Our experience with special applications a custom-made systems includes wireless, radio remote control systems for many applications. A few examples that we’re really proud of: underwater vehicles for deep-sea exploration and Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) for material handling. With our expertise in the integration of hydraulics, electrics, pneumatics and radio frequency, we have supplied a remotely controlled cement-head system for oil and gas applications that has significantly improved the safety and ROI of the client. Another industrial client wanted higher levels of safety and efficiency when using heavy industrial welders. Hetronic developed a wireless system that controls the welders, eliminates cables and increases the client’s efficiency.

Hetronic systems gets the job done every time

At Hetronic we are dedicated to listening to your wishes and to provide the solution you need to do your work well. Not just the first time, but every time. If you have an application where failure is not an option, the Hetronic radio remote control and integrated systems give you the confidence to complete your task.


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